1. Work with a good team. You’re only as good as your team, and if the model, make up, or wardrobe doesn’t look good, it doesn’t matter how good your photography is, it won’t have the same impact. Be aware of trends, what is in style at the moment(clothing wise and photography-wise), seasons, and look to other magazines to see what they’re doing. Not that you need to be doing what others are doing, but it helps to have an idea of what is going on. When you’re first starting out it can be hard to find people to work with when you don’t have much of a portfolio, but Model Mayhem is a great resource. There’s some strange things out there too, but if you sift and sort through you can make some great connections. It’s where most people get their start, and can be really helpful at getting your foot in the door.
  2. Be aware of trends. Reading other fashion magazines, blogs, or websites is a great way to gauge what is popular at the moment. You want to stand out as well, so if everyone is doing one thing in particular, maybe it’s good to do something else. This is a tricky one though, as it’s hard to forecast trends before they happen, but it’s just good to be aware of what’s popular at the moment.
  3. Plan, but be open to changes. On a shoot sometimes it seems like anything can happen, people don’t show up, it rains when you’re meant to be on location, anything is possible. It’s good to have back up plans for as much as possible, and be quick at thinking on your feet as to how you can make things work when they don’t go according to plan. Being flexible is great. Sometimes the best things happen when things don’t go according to plan.
  4. Don’t give up. Fashion photography is a super saturated market, but so is everything else out there, so keep your head down, stay in your lane, and decide you’re just going to keep plodding along. Comparing yourself to others never helps, so just keep focussing on your craft, work hard, and be nice to people. It’s a small industry and giving yourself a bad name gets around quickly.
  5. Have a point of view. Don’t try to be anyone else. You’re the only one of you out there, and that’s a good thing. Don’t throw it away on trying to be someone else because they look successful and you think emulating them is going to get you somewhere. Don’t copy. People notice, and it just makes you look bad. Experiment, have fun, and just dedicate yourself to keeping on growing.


5 Tips for Becoming a Fashion Photographer




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