I’m a water baby through and through, and shooting at the beach is one of my favorite places to shoot. Working with the sun can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, and there’s a few easy tips to make it work for you instead of working against you. Let me know if you try any of them out and if they work for you!


  1. Shoot early or late in the day. Ideally the earlier the better, find out what time sunrise is and aim for a bit before that time. Depending where you are the sun rises pretty quick, so getting there a bit before so you have time to prepare helps a lot. Position the sun behind your subject for that golden glowing backlight. The same goes for shooting at sunset, although you usually have a bit longer time to work with then.
  2. Figure out which way the sun is coming from and place it behind your subject’s head. This can create a really nice light behind them, helping them pop more against the background. If it’s really bright out it can also keep them from squinting their eyes.
  3. If you’re going to shoot right in the middle of the day, have them keep their chin a bit up so that you avoid harsh shadows underneath their eyes. Having their eyes closed and their chin slightly raised makes for some really beautiful photos.
  4. When the sun is slightly lower and more directional, having your subject face the sun straight on creates really beautiful shadows and lights up their features really well. If you’re shooting swimwear have your subject rub a bit of oil on their skin and it reflects really well and creates beautiful glowing skin.
  5. Experiment with which way the sun is falling on your subject. Sometimes the sun can make really harsh shadows, and if you change the direction your subject is facing it can make an image much more flattering. If it’s really bright out putting the sun behind your subject can help with the shadows. Or, if you find a shady spot to shoot during the middle of the day that can be a softer more flattering light also.



5 Tips for Shooting At The Beach




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