Marketing is such a huge topic! Learning how to do it effectively could never fit into one blog post. Here are 3 basic tips of the principles around it, and things to start thinking about if you are starting out.
Know What You Are Doing And For Whom
A huge part of creating an effective marketing message is knowing what you do and for who. The more specific you can be on this, the better. You are not the solution to everyone’s problem, you solve a specific problem for a specific client. The more you can distill this message, the more effectively you will communicate with your ideal client. Knowing what your brand values are and communicating this to your clients will help attract the clients you want to work with, and repel the ones you don’t. While I shoot for two different types of clients(fashion and weddings), my brand values are the same throughout. I am all about candid natural moments, making my subjects feel comfortable with me, and telling a story.
Think About Where They Are
Think about where your clients are hanging out and what is their pain point
This takes some time, and you’ll need to do some work around first figuring out what you are doing and who you are doing it for. This is something I feel like I am constantly thinking about and it refines and changes over time, but the earlier you start thinking about it the better. But when you have a clear idea of who your ideal client is, do some thinking around where they might be hanging out. Instagram or Facebook? Or in real life where are their spots? Can you advertise there? Also, businesses should exist to solve a problem for their clients. What is your client struggling with or looking for? How can you solve this problem for them?
What Problem Can You Solve
As a photographer yes the problem you solve is providing photo services for them, but how can you elevate it to the next level? Make it easy for them as a client, and provide a great experience. Look for ways to add value to them. Some of the things I would list as my strengths that set me apart are my ability to make people comfortable, good communication, speed and efficiency of delivery of photos, and my ability to use natural light. Providing a good service goes so much beyond just taking good photos.
Be Consistent
It can be disheartening to feel like you put things out, and then just hear crickets. Good marketing is consistent, and will never end as long as you are hoping to run a business and get clients! Taking small steps consistently is so much more effective than doing a billion things, then forgetting about it for weeks. Pick one or two things you would like to try to learn to use(like Facebook ads for instance) and give it a go. Start small and see what works. Also remember, at the end of the day word of mouth is really the best form of marketing you will EVER receive(and you can’t buy it!). So focus on building a strong product or service, and the reviews will come eventually.
Here are some of the ways I market my business:
-Networking through collaborations that are mutually beneficial
-Facebook and Instagram Ads
-Free content on my website and Youtube
-Participating in relevant Facebook groups where my ideal client is active in
-Word of Mouth


How To Market Yourself As A Photographer




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