We all have spent hours scrolling through perfectly curated feeds, wondering how do I get my feed to look like that? Especially as an entrepreneur when having a strong social media presence is so important. Consistency is key, and having a strong visual identity when the decision whether someone will follow your account, or not is made in seconds! I go over my tips on how to improve your photos, using just an iPhone, and get you on track to having a stunning feed!
So you’re growing your Instagram, and you want to create a beautiful, cohesive looking feed featuring your product or service. Sure you could hop on Pinterest, and download a bunch of images but this is actually a copyright infringement, and we’ve all seen the same images over and over. I’m going to give you a few tips to get you creating your own content, that looks beautiful and is unique to you using just your iPhone.
So let’s dive in. Tip number 1 is find good light. Decide on a lighting set up that you can use repeatedly so your images look cohesive. This doesn’t need to be a fancy lighting kit, you can simply use the same window, or shoot outdoors with plain old sunlight. Whatever it is, keep it cohesive. And turn off the overhead lights when shooting inside!
Filter with caution. We’ve all seen Insta’s built in filters over and over, so I would recommend using a third party app, such as VSCO, or A Colour Story to create your own unique look. You can even use Lightroom presets on your phone as well, which I show you how to do in my other video ‘Using Lightroom Presets on Your Mobile’. I’d also recommend not using the filters at full strength, if you shoot with good light and composition you shouldn’t need to rely on filters to save your image. Filters help enhance, but they won’t save an image from bad light!
DO NOT ZOOM. On an iPhone the zoom simply crops an image, degrading the quality. Get closer in physically while shooting if you need a tighter crop. Try to get everything right in camera, without relying on drastic editing to save your shot later.
DO NOT use on camera flash. I repeat DO NOT DO IT. Just don’t. It never looks good. Just wait til the lighting is right, and shoot then.
Work in batches. Plan time to shoot as much as possible in one allotment of time. Experiment with different angles, set ups, and shooting from different perspectives. The more you play around with it, the more variety you can get, and create a cache of images for yourself for when you feel like you have nothing to post. This will also help create a cohesive set of images for your feed.
Learn about the basics of composition. Use the grid in the camera app so you can learn about the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds basically states that you should place the main objects of interest along the spots where the lines intersect on the grid. If you are shooting objects, shoot an odd number as it’s more pleasing to the eye. Choose a hero object for you shot, and let the lines of the photo guide you there.
Hopefully these tips helped you out! Let me know how you go, and what was the most useful for you? Check in in the comments below!


How To Shoot Better Images For Instagram




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