Whether it’s a photo session, wedding photos, or just taking a photo for you driver’s license, getting photos seems to strike fear into the bravest of folk. It doesn’t need to be scary, and there’s a few tips that can make it a bit easier. Here are a few things that I have found make for better photo sessions.


  1. Shoot early or late in the day. Great photos start with great light, and no one looks good squinting. If you can aim to take your photos early in the morning, or late afternoon closer to sunset, the whole world gets this beautiful golden glow, the light is coming from a flattering angle, it just makes everything better. If you must shoot in the middle of the day, look for shade and it will give a softer, more even light. No bags under your eyes here!
  2. Have a sense of humor about it. If you’re shooting with your partner/fiance/wife/husband/etc, don’t take things too seriously. Try and pretend the camera isn’t there, and focus on them. Tell them things you like about them, tell a joke, it’s that real emotion that makes for stand out photos, not the ones where you’re standing there just saying ‘cheese’. Focus on your partner and let the photographer do their thing.
  3. If the situation allows, music helps a lot! Depending what kind of a mood you’re trying to capture, pick something that suits that. High energy music gives energy to photos, something softer allows for more intimate moments. Portable speakers are great for this if you’re outside.
  4. When it comes to posing, everyone seems to go stiff. What do you do with your hands? Someone once told me that when it comes to natural posing, if there is a joint that can be bent, bend it. Bend one leg, try putting hands in your pockets, cross one leg in front of the other, think of how you would stand naturally. If shooting with your partner, interact with each other. Link arms, hold hands, try some sitting, others standing. It helps to think of how you would naturally stand in a situation to give a more natural feel to the photos. And don’t overthink it too much!



4 Tips for a Great Photo Session




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