I recently was interviewed by my friend Nisha for her site Liar the Label. Nisha creates beautiful swimwear out of recycled plastic bottles. Here’s an excerpt from it, and to read the rest of it you can click HERE.

Nisha: How did you get into photography? 

I never know how to answer this question! As a kid I always had a disposable camera or something that I’d use, but I didn’t really start focussing on it seriously until I bought my first DSLR at 18!

You photography images are so beautiful and sun-kissed – how would you describe your style?

For me it’s always about a story or a moment. I always think of the saying we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. And for me I am always inspired by golden sun kissed afternoons at the beach. I think the world is so beautiful and moments are so fleeting and I want to bring people into the beauty of appreciating that moment.

Nisha: Fave shoot to date? 

This is tough! I think whenever you and the model and team (or couple at weddings and engagement sessions) connect and are on the same page and trust each other to create magic, those are the ones I most treasure!

Nisha: You are a bit of a fitness junkie – tell me about how you fit and healthy?

Since I moved to the Gold Coast I’ve joined a calisthenics gym, AMPM. I looove being active! I feel like when I feel strong in my body I feel strong in my mind, and the effect of exercise on my mental health is unparalleled. I also feel like moving your body just feels like a mental switch off and you always feel better afterward.

Click HERE to read the rest of the interview, where I talk about my favorite vegan food spots, plans for 2019, and more!


Interview with Liar The Label




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