Starting up a personal brand is exciting! But the thing that makes a personal brand is the person behind it. A branding photographer can help you get this message across! When scrolling through Instagram or hopping on your website people want to know the person behind the brand: you! We like to envision who we are emailing, or whose life we’re looking into when we scroll through your feed!

How to Stand Out

Most markets are saturated these days, so you want to stand out! Working with a branding photographer can help you communicate through photography who you are! We make such quick judgements about things, connecting with your face can make a huge difference.

Should You Do It Yourself?

Yes, you could set up your phone and try and take some photos yourself. But working with a professional will uplevel your images, help you get a cohesive look, and just make your job so much easier! If you plan well you can get lots of content from one session so you always have something to post!

My Top Tips for Choosing a Photographer

My top tips for working with a branding photographer: pick someone whose style you like and matches your own! Whether it’s light and bright, candid and natural, or super slick and professional. Don’t try and hire someone with a style completely different from your brand and ask them to do something totally different!

Identify your goal for the shoot. Do you need content for your Instagram? A hero shot for your website? A headshot for your bio page? Make sure all this is communicated!

Come with props! One thing people tell me all the time is that they’re nervous to get in front of the camera! If you can find something to do that you would do normally, this gives you something to do which looks natural! For example, be sipping a coffee, bring your laptop or iPhone, be writing in your notebook. Anything that makes sense to a business-related activity or relates to your setting of the shoot.

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Branding Photography: How to Uplevel Your Brand Instantly




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