To be honest, the thing I feel like I get the most engagement on these days on Instagram is in the Stories! I love using them as more of a snapshot into my day to day. To show shoots, behind the scenes, things I like, or connecting with people. You can poll people easily, spark convos in DMs, show recent work, and more! I’ve been using Instagram Stories more like a handshake and a get to know me and left my feed as more of a proper portfolio.

I always found I have so many quick iPhone snaps that I love and want to share, but they don’t really fit in my feed. So I’ll usually just chuck them in my Stories! But since I’m a little picky about the images I share and always want them to look beautiful, I like getting a little creative with them. I realize this may be more time consuming than people really want to give energy to. But since I am super passionate about visual presentation and creating beautiful imagery this is just something I find fun! If it’s not your jam don’t worry about it, you do you!

I’m not really a fan of the filters IG has(sorry IG!). There’s a couple off Instagram apps I use to make my stories a little more interesting. I get asked which ones I’m using all the time, so here are the ones I use! Some of them are paid, but usually, they’re less than the price of a coffee per month so I figure it’s justified, and I like supporting other creators in what they have made if I find it useful. Pay it forward if you will!

For templates for arranging images:

Storyluxe: Looks like polaroid/film photos, you can add video to them as well and they have a huge variety of free options! They also have some filter options and image editing capabilities, but I don’t really use them!

Unfold: Nice clean simple story templates that also support video. I love how minimalistic and clean these ones are! They have a lot of free ones as well as separate packs you can purchase.

By Tezza: I use this app mostly for the presets for editing my story images, but there are some great templates in there as well! This app you have to pay for with a monthly subscription but I reckon it’s absolutely worth it!

For editing video and images:

While I absolutely love Lightroom on desktop, I hate using it on my phone. There are too many steps to press through to upload images to it, edit, then export and if I’m editing on my phone I want it to be quick and easy. So for most images, I post straight to my story I use the app By Tezza! She’s created beautiful presets and I usually will try and use the same ones to give my images consistency.

For Instagram stories videos, I edit with VSCO. For image editing it’s free but to edit with video it’s a monthly subscription. There are sooooo many options to pick from to create really beautiful video edits and you can also just make up your own. You can also spend hours in here trying to pick which preset you’re going to use.

8mm: Gives a Super 8 vintage camera kind of feel to your videos! I love this app but sometimes they videos come out a little too blurry, so it depends on what I’m trying to capture!

Another one I love when I have some text to display but want it to be pretty is Word Swag! You can use your own images in the background or you can use some preloaded ones they have. They have loads of fonts and styles to choose from, and you could use these to make quotes, Insta stories, whatever you can come up with really!

Schedule it all out

And while it’s not an editing app, can’t go past Planoly when it comes to putting it all together! I use Planoly to schedule out posts, and see how the feed is going to look all together. You can schedule your stories out as well which I don’t do on my personal as I like it to be more spontaneous but have used this feature for social media clients and it’s worked really well!


My Top Apps for Instagram Stories




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