I shot this bridal campaign for Goddess By Nature recently on the beach in the Gold Coast! They have the most stunning bridal gowns that are totally perfect for a beach wedding. We wanted to capture a quite natural, glowy sunset feel to the images and the weather cooperated with just a bit of sun and a bit of cloud! When shooting at this time of day I like trying a mix of having the subject backlit with the sun behind them on a 45 degree(ish) angle, or the sun straight facing them for a super golden glow. As it’s bridal I also wanted it to have a super soft, fairy tale feel to it. I shot this on the 85mm lens at 2.2-2.4 for a shallow depth of field and beautiful blurry background.

When shooting at the beach I always aim for late afternoon(or early morning depending!). Later in the afternoon gives a warmer more golden look to the light, and earlier in the morning, it’s a bit cooler. When shooting with natural light the light really makes or breaks the photo in my opinion, so it’s so important to be paying attention to what it’s doing at different times of day! Even different times of year makes a difference. Since we’re heading into autumn it’s a much more directional kind of light because of the way the earth is facing.


Model: Tahlia Jane and Tesh Batkins

Make Up and Hair: Kristy Laura MUA

Dresses: Goddess By Nature

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Behind The Scenes of a Bridal Campaign




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