30% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest, and I spend barely any time on there a day. Maybe an hour or two a month? It’s so ridiculously easy to turn Pinterest into a lead generating machine. It really doesn’t take much time at all. You might group Pinterest in as social media, but it’s not. Pinterest works as a visual search engine so potential clients can find you! As a photographer, it’s amazing because the first thing people are connecting with is your photos.

If you’re posting photos to your website and updating your blog consistently, it’s not too much more work to Pin on top of this! You can easily Pin them out into the Pinterest universe, and let Pinterest do the work for you. I find it an amazing tool as a wedding photographer! Here are my top tips to get you started.

Clear up those boards so that all you are showing is what will be relevant to your client. Imagine Pinterest is a magazine, and you are curating topics you think your ideal client will love. Anything else needs to go on a secret board. I focus mostly on weddings on my Pinterest account, so the boards I’m using most are Elopements, Dress Ideas, Styling Inspiration, Invites, etc. This is also a great way to attract your ideal client as they’ll quickly be able to see your vibe. And your vibe attracts your tribe!

Start using Tailwind. Tailwind is a scheduling app. You can sit down and spend an hour or so planning out content, then it’s algorithm will assess what time your followers are most engaged and it will Pin for you at the optimal time. I schedule all images from my Blog posts to Tailwind and then shuffle the queue so not all the same content goes out at once.

Pin a mix of your own content and content from Pinterest. You want to curate it like a magazine, not just make it a portfolio of your own work.

Join appropriate Group Boards. This can take a bit of time to find, but it gets your Pins in front of a big audience which gives them a higher chance of being seen and repinned by other users.

Pin properly. Pinterest likes when links lead to actual sites, so make sure your links work, you include a description below the pin that actually describes it(this will help the Pin’s SEO). You can use a hashtag or two if you wish, but don’t use too many. Pinterest also rewards you for bringing original content into the site.

So there you go! Get your Pinterest started, pin consistently, and increase traffic to your site without much additional work at all!

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How to Expand Your Photography Business with Pinterest




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