Posing for branding photos

Posing for your Branding Photoshoot

How to Get Natural Feeling Posing

My aim in branding and lifestyle photoshoots is to get images that represent you. Not only your business but also your personality and things you would normally do with your posing. I always try and start people off in a pose doing something that feels natural such as working at your desk. This helps you feel comfortable and settle into the shoot and get a bit more comfortable in front of the camera. As a rule of thumb I say if it feels weird, it probably looks weird! Also the more you move around the more options we can get and get those candid in-between moments.

Bring some Props

Props don’t need to be anything big or crazy! Your laptop, journal, books, or tools of the trade will go a long way to making you feel more comfortable and natural and give you something to do. It helps people looking at the images get a quick read of your brand and what you are about as well.

Find the Light

This is partly your photographer’s job, but if you’re in a setting using natural light, try and aim your face toward the light(or biggest window). This creates a soft flattering light on your face and makes skin look great! If you’re shooting outdoors, try and aim for early morning or late afternoon to get the most flattering light and tones. In the afternoon backlighting(lighting from behind) can create a beautiful glowing effect also.

Think About Something That Makes You Happy

Sounds cheesey, but it helps create a happy look in your eyes and creates genuine, natural expression! Remembering to breathe helps you relax as well! The more you can relax and just enjoy the process the better your photos will come out! It’s definitely a dance of coordination between your photographer finding good setups and light and you being able to relax into your posing to get the best photos!

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Posing How-To’s for an Awesome Branding Photoshoot




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