Everyone struggles with how to write captions their Instagram posts

Once you’ve found the photo, then you have to write something about it?! Not using your captions is a missed opportunity! How are you supposed to come up with something to write?! But here’s the thing, doing something is better than doing nothing at all. Starting where you are is better than not starting. Imperfect action is better than no action. You get the point!

There’s a formula you can follow!

You can do this though! You don’t even need to be a great writer. You just need to know what your dream clients need to hear from you. Can you educate them on how to use your services? Tell them more about what it would be like to work with you? I want you to write down 3 features of working with you or your business. Then brainstorm what are the 3 benefits a client would get from that.

Features and Benefits Are Everything

We all want to know how a product or service will make our life better. We’re all our own favorite topic and the end of day. So the way to help move a client along into getting to work with you, is to explain how it will benefit them!

Let’s See Some Caption Examples

So for example, I’m a photographer. The features of my 1 hour session are: a 1 hour shoot, 20-30 images, online gallery delivery. The benefits to the client are: time efficient to fit into their busy schedule, 20-30 is a lot of images to get from a session so they have lots of content. They’ve also maximised the use of their time! Online gallery delivery is quick and easy so no waiting around to get photos. So in my copy(and captions where I’m talking about my services) I’m trying to weave these benefits in.

It takes practice

Like anything, this takes a bit of practice getting used to it. I don’t think every caption on Instagram should be a sales pitch. But if you want a way to educate your client on what it’s like to work with you this is a great way to do it!

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3 Tips for Writing Better Captions




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