The moon governs the tides and the oceans. We’re made up of water, so it makes sense we are influenced by what she is doing as well. There are 2 distinct phases of the moon(actually there’s 6, but I’m discussing the 2 main ones here). We can use these phases to plan our productivity for maximum effect and to make space for intentional rest.

What Are The Phases

The first two weeks after the new moon are more ‘Yang’ energy. This is a time for starting new projects, meetings, being creative, you have more energy. It’s a fresh start, and a great time for setting your intentions and vision for the month.

The two weeks after the full moon are ‘Yin’ energy. A time for going inward, wrapping things up, and introspective. To review what you have created in the beginning of the month. The full moon is a great time to let go of what is no longer serving you. The last week of this phase (2 weeks after the full moon) I like to create a space for intentional rest. When things feel like they’re crazy in the beginning of the month, knowing I am allowed space for rest helps me to get through it.

Creating Rituals around each Moon phase

I like to do two rituals each month for each of these phases. On the new moon I like to meditate, then free write in my journal what I want to create in that month. I do this in the past tense as if it’s the end of the month and it already happened. This is because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between something happening and you telling it it already happened. Then it goes to work to help you create it.

After that I write out a list of intentions, and a feeling attached to each one. For example, I’ll write down ‘I booked out all the spots in the express shoots, and I feel abundant’. You can only write intentions for yourself, not other people.

Full Moon Ritual

On the full moon I use this as a time to release that which isn’t serving me. I meditate, and then write down things that are no longer serving me on a piece of paper. Then I burn the paper.

Maybe this sounds a little weird to you at first. I know you can’t always plan your schedule exactly around this if you don’t work for yourself, but really urge you to give it a go! You really have nothing to lose!

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Organize Your Productivity By The Moon Phases




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