How Automation Will Help You Get Your Life Back 

When you started being a photographer you thought it would mean lots of taking photos. I did at least, and I quickly learned that working for yourself can feel totally overwhelming at times. Working as a photographer also meant sitting behind a computer way more than I had planned. So it’s time to learn how to work smarter and not harder. It’s not being lazy, it’s being strategic with your time and effort and it’s called automation.

How Do You Automate?

Most social media apps can be run by third-party automation apps. I’m a huge fan of Tailwind, but Hootsuite is another popular one for Instagram as well is linked with a few other social media platforms. With Tailwind you can line up a queue of images, with their description and links, and Tailwind will set up a pinning schedule based on your analytics of when your followers are most accurate. Amazing, right? With this, you can spend an hour a week lining up all your pins for the week, and spend more time engaging followers.

Planning Your Instagram

For Instagram, there are a few different options to automate your posts. Planoly is my favourite automation option here. With the new change of the algorithm, it seems harder to get your work seen on the platform. The new algorithm responds to engagement, so it’s worthwhile to spend some time each day engaging with your followers as well as other users. Automating your posts allows you to spend more time engaging, and less time deliberating on what to post. There is some controversy about using automation to post your posts for you. Some people say it affects your reach, but it’s going to have to be up to you to decide if it’s right for you or not! If consistency is a problem for you, it might be worth doing it anyway and making up for it with using your time on the app to engage.

Work in Batches

Doing batches of things at a time is more efficient than doing one thing a few times a day, or over a week. When you automate your content it really helps free up your time by doing your work in bulk. If you’re sitting down to write one blog post, write 5 and schedule them being posted. Same with your social media posts. Research into apps that can do your tasks better than you can, and implement them.

You’ve Got This!

It can feel overwhelming with the number of tasks at hand. The more of them that happen automatically free up valuable time that could be spent in other ways. Having systems in place, and committing to consistency within them is what brings tangible results. It may feel strange to give up control of the little things, but the time saved in the big picture is absolutely worth it.

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How Automation Will Help You Get Your Life Back




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