Doing less helps make you more productive!

How? Stick with me! I am so guilty of working til I am so burnt out and exhausted that I don’t want to look at work any more. Which isn’t ideal if you run your business! We live in a society that glorifies being ‘busy’ all the time as if it’s some kind of badge of honour. It isn’t. Planning intentional rest is just important as taking action.

But there’s so much to do…

As a single person running a business, I’m all about leveraging my efficiency in as many ways as I can! I have a CRM to help me manage emails, bookings and clients. (If you want to learn more about my systems, check out the Guide To Shoot Workflow) I work in batches and automate as much as I can. But I still have days where I look at my to do list and just don’t even know where to begin.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Early on in my career, I hustled so hard I literally made myself sick. Stress, overwork, and just my own internal pressure just burnt me out, big time. I gave myself IBS, and anything I ate just gave me insane stomach pains that had me lying in a ball on the floor. It was no joke. I almost gave up because I thought surely this dream is not worth sacrificing my health.

Intentional rest is not weakness.

I have been working on changing my story around my self worth being tied to my productivity. We have to love ourselves on a level that we still accept ourselves if we sit on the couch all day. I’m not advocating that as a lifestyle. But if we don’t accept ourselves regardless of our productivity we just get caught up in this cycle of thinking we need to be busy all the time or we aren’t worthy. This is still something I’m working on!

Doing nothing is better than doing everything

So if you watch the above video, I’ll tell you about a time I told myself it was okay to just take a day off in the middle of the week. And how after I took that time off, I came up with a bunch of ideas and had the most productive afternoon after just giving myself that space! Creativity needs stillness to flow. Doing nothing is sometimes the most effective work you could do!

Give it a watch and see if you agree! Interested in my take on why Mindset is so important? Give is a watch HERE


How to Get More Done By Doing Less




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