Jaymee is studying to be a Personal Trainer and hired me to create social media content for her. Lifestyle images are a great way to build visual assets for your brand that help your audience connect with you. We wanted to create a natural candid feel to the photos we created, so we shot these at her house.

Shooting in one location but showing it multiple different ways is a great way to batch your content! Pick a location that has lots of different angles it can be photographed from. This helps you create diversity in your images. Planning out different outfits will also help save you time. Going into shoots with an idea of exactly what you want to get out of each shot helps you have an action plan and be more efficient on the day. Writing down a shot list is helpful as well.

If you’re going to invest in a professional photographer this is a great way to make the most out of your session! It also ensures you have a cohesive library of images to pull from for your website and social media platforms that are unique and branded to you. Stats show you only have 15 seconds to capture a viewer’s interest on your website before they’ll click away.

Having iconic, unique images help capture their attention and convince them to keep reading. The longer they stay, the easier it becomes to keep them there! Incorporate your brand colours in with clothing and the props you use to create cohesive images. This also makes your photos instantly recognizable as yours!

Posing in front of a camera can feel weird and uncomfortable sometimes. We’re not models! I’ve written up my top tips for posing for your next shoot. Read them HERE

Interested in booking in a shoot with me? CLICK HERE!

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Fitness photography
Workout photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot
Lifestyle photography
Workout photoshoot
Fitness photoshoot
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personal branding
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branding photoshoot
Branding photoshoot


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