In this digital day and age, social media marketing is one of the greatest cost-effective ways to get your message out! There’s so much information out there though, how do you know how to begin? Here are the top 3 mistakes I see people making in their marketing.

Not having a strong brand identity.

If you’re a company or service, people need to tell who you are and what you do, and what your vibe is super quick. We all have short attention spans these days. Your branding messaging needs to quickly and efficiently communicate who you are!

Trying to be everything to everyone

The more you can be specific to your niche, the better! The more you try to speak to everyone, the more you are speaking to absolutely NO ONE. Be specific in what you do and who you do it for! Attract your dream clients and repel everyone else! Your marketing needs to reflect this! From the places you choose to market(what platforms are your ideal clients on) to knowing how to solve your client’s specific pain points.

Not making your marketing cohesive

I’ve been guilty of this one! Until I worked with someone who specialised in branding, and she called me out on having two different logos on the go! It’s so important that ALL your platforms look cohesive with colours, branding and messaging! Your marketing message needs to be cohesive and coherent in all places it can be viewed. People need to have a clear idea in their head of you straight away so you can be memorable.

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Are you making any of THESE mistakes on Instagram?


3 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Marketing




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