I’d heard about RTT on a podcast and was interested in it’s ability to remove blocks from your life. As a creative you internalize all these messages about ‘starving artists’ and that you can’t make money from your work. I was interested to tackle some blocks I felt like I had around making money from my work.

After one session with Rachel, the results were incredible! First off I just felt lighter. Then in the next few days, I booked out my entire month with amazing shoots! Then the month after I doubled what I had made the previous month, and the results just keep flowing in.

In our session, I discovered a lot of messages I had internalized about making money from what you love, and my self worth around that. You form most of your beliefs in the ages of 0-7, and we never change them. You can reprogram your subconscious though, and RTT lets you do that.

In the interview with Rachel, we go over what RTT is, how it works, what you can work on, and about how Rachel got into this work. Give it a watch, and see if it’s something you could use to improve your life!

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How to Change Your Life with RTT: Interview with Rachel Crethar




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