I remember one time when a friend asked if he could take my photo, and I just kind of stood there. I couldn’t think of a single thing to do, and was racking my brain. Like ummmm you do this for a living? Why can’t you come up with anything to do?! And what do you do with your hands?!

We’re not models! And that is totally fine! Sometimes in front of a camera we just freeze up! Here’s a list of go-to poses I keep in mind now for when I need to get photos.

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When in doubt, move! Walking toward the camera, away from the camera, or straight past your photographer. Movement creates a natural moment and helps you get comfortable because you feel so familiar with it!

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Standard standing pose. Try placing one foot slightly in front of the other to create a streamlined shape with your body, look straight at the camera, or to the left or right.

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Lean back. Lean against a wall or railing on your elbows to create an interesting shape with your body.

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If it’s a windy day, let the wind do it’s thing with hair and clothing. It creates a sense of movement and makes for dynamic shots.


Have a giggle! Laughing shots help connect the viewer to you, and it helps create positive emotion in your eyes when you think of something funny! Try by fake laughing at first and this usually makes you actually laugh because it feels so silly.

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Get your arms involved. Bring a hand up to your chin, or push your hair back. It helps frame your face and create a more interesting shot.

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Play with an accessory, such as a hat, bag, or laptop.

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Use some stairs if you can find them! Sit on them, walk up them, or down them.

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When in doubt, coffee! Holding a coffee as a prop can help give you something to do with your hands!

Did you find these helpful? Make a note of them on your phone for the next time you get stuck with posing!

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