The more you prepare for your shoot the more you can get out of it! Here’s the checklist I use to make sure my client and I are prepared for the branding shoot. We’re not just getting nice photos for Instagram, there has to be a strategy behind what we capture!

Branding photos are to help you STAND OUT! To have a noticeable aesthetic which gets people curious to know more. To instantly recognize your content when they see it! To communicate your vibe faster than words could!

So, save this checklist to Pinterest and file it away for your next shoot!

Incorporate Your Brand Colours: You can do this in your wardrobe, the location you shoot at, or the props you incorporate. This helps create a cohesive look on your website and social media accounts. It creates trust because it shows consistency and a clear message.

Checklist For Branding Photoshoot

Create A Mood Board On Pinterest: So that we have a good understanding of what we’re creating! A picture is worth a thousand words, we’re not looking to totally copy someone else’s work, this is more so I can understand what kind of a result you are looking for!

Nim DeSwardt

Have a Shot List: You can include this on the mood board, but if there are specific photos you need to demonstrate something, or need a certain format(such as portrait or landscape), make sure this is communicated so we don’t forget anything!

Fitness photography

Show You Doing What You Do: This is a great way for you to show your audience a behind the scenes look at what you do. It creates great opportunities to discuss it in captions on social media, and open the conversation!

personal branding

Show Your Personality! Don’t try to pose like you’re serious and super professional if that’s not your brand! People want to connect with YOU, so show up as yourself. Music is great for helping get into a mood on set. So picking something uplifting or energizing helps you get into that frame of mind if that’s what you’re aiming for!

professional headshot

Inspire: Your content should aim to inspire and connect! Your audience should be able to see how amazing it will be to work with you!


Capture What Sets You Apart: This can be hard to nail down in a photo, but if we discuss before we can try and capture what makes you unique. What your unique selling point is, or what differentiates you from others who do what you do!

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Checklist For Planning Your Branding Shoot




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