How To Change Your Life With RTT

Imagine if you never updated your computer software! Our minds are the same, learn to reprogram your subconscious and remove blocks with RTT. Interview with RTT Therapist Rachel Crethar.

I worked with Rachel a couple of months ago to work on blocks I had and it totally changed my life. RTT goes in and plucks out your limiting beliefs and replaces them with something empowering. Most people only need one session, then you have a recording to listen to for 28 days as this is how long it takes to reprogram your mind.

Have a listen to learn the basics and get your questions answered!

Get in touch with Rachel HERE. She works over Zoom so you can be anywhere in the world with an internet connection to get in touch with her.

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change your life with rtt


Episode 4: How to Change Your Life with RTT




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