How To Make a Vision Board

Be the visionary in your business by creating your vision with your vision board! To make mine I figure out what I want to create in my life, and then go to:

PINTEREST to find photos to represent what I want to create

Save them all to a folder on my computer, and I title it something fun like ‘VISION 2020 THANK YOU’

Then head to CANVA and create a desktop wallpaper template

Then I upload all my photos, and drag and drop til I’m happy with how it looks and feel good looking at it

Print it out and hang it somewhere I look at everyday, as well as make it my desktop wallpaper

Then I look at it frequently through the day and imagine I already have it and give thanks for it coming in

Rinse and repeat til you achieve your dreams! Then make a new one!

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Episode 2: How To Make a Vision Board




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