Finding a photographer that is the right fit for you is crucial! All photographers are not equal, not just in skill, but their style needs to match yours! 4 questions you should ask your branding photographer to see if they’re right for you!

Branding photography encompasses a lot of photographers! For instance, it doesn’t make sense to hire a food photographer if you need lifestyle shots. Yes, they are good at what they do, but hiring a specialist in YOUR field just makes more sense! A foot doctor is a doctor, but you’re not going to see them when you have a cold.

How to figure out if the photographer you’re thinking of it the right fit for you? These questions are a good place to start!

What’s in your portfolio? Mind you, you shouldn’t have to ask them this one, looking on their website or stalking their Insta should tell you this. If they don’t have a portfolio at all, I’d tread carefully. A friend with a camera is NOT the same as a professional! Consider what their past work looks like, does it fit the vibe of what you’re going for? Don’t ask someone to totally change their style for you, neither of you will most likely be happy with the result. Consider your brand look and feel, and see if their style fits into that.

What services do you offer? Again, this information should be on their website! If not, ask them what’s included in packages, how long are the sessions, how many photos do you get, how long is the license to use them, do they do extensive editing if you need it? See if they’ll hop on a call with you if you have more questions!

What’s their availability and turnaround time? Some photographers edit quickly, some take longer! Find out how far in advance you need to book, and their expected turnaround time.

Pricing? Yes, this is always a big one to consider! The cheapest is not always the best if you get back photos you cannot use it’s just a waste of money! Focus on the value you’ll get for your money. It’s an investment in your business, the same as stock or your website. PLEASE don’t assume because we shoot digital it means we have no costs! We’re a business the same as you, and have costs to cover and bills to pay! Also ask about licensing fees if you’re using images for marketing, ask how their packages are structured, see if they have payment plans or retainer costs for booking.

Hopefully, this helps clear up some questions you might have around what you’re looking for!

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4 Questions To Ask Your Branding Photographer




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