April Pfender is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sacred Sound and Quantum Healer and Meditation Instructor in Santa Monica. We met while I was on a trip to LA and I experienced a session in the quantum healing bed.

The bed was an incredible experience! You’re lying on a biomat on top of a bunch of amethyst, and you can feel the energy moving all through you. There are 7 crystals above you pointed at each chakra, and in the session, you listen to a meditation with binaural beats and vibrations. During the session I connected with angels and my spirit guides, and got guidance on a few things I’d been considering.

Afterwards, I felt incredibly relaxed, and the most incredible synchronicities started occurring. Listen to the episode for more details!

In this episode, we dive into what quantum healing is, all about reiki, aliens, portals, and manifesting!


Connect with April https://www.santamonicahealing.com/

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Reiki, Quantum Healing, Manifesting and Aliens with April Pfender


Ep 20 April Pfender, Reiki, Quantum Healing




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