In this episode, I talk with Caroline The Divine on healing from trauma, the benefits of shadow work, tips for manifesting abundance, how our pain can be our biggest lessons, working through anxiety and depression, and we trade some of our favourite affirmations for when things feel like they’re not working out. Book a Coaching […]


29. Transformation, Shadow Work, and Healing Trauma with Caroline the Divine


In this episode of the podcast, I interview Blythe Langford all about plant medicines. Blythe is a retreat facilitator and transformational coach. She hosts retreats combining plant medicines and personal development. I ask her all things plant medicine, what to expect your first time, how to intuitively decide which one is right for you, and […]


28. Plant Medicines, Personal Development, and Sacred Sites with Blythe Langford


In this episode, I interview Life Strategist and Astrologer Kristy Gray on the astrology of 2020. We talk about Kristy’s journey to personal development and astrology, learning to read and understand your chart, what Mercury Retrograde means in an empowering way, the cycles we go through as the year progresses through the zodiac, taking action […]


27. The Astrology for 2020 with Kristy Gray


How many times have you wanted to release something but then you held back because it wasn’t ‘perfect’. Or we use the excuse that we’re a perfectionist to not do something when really we’re just afraid. Or we say it like it’s a good thing. Here’s the thing though. If you want to get anywhere […]


How To Get Over Being A Perfectionist


This year was a HUGE one for me in terms of personal development and uplevelling my mindset. From trying RTT for the first time (listen to that interview HERE) to pivoting in my business in a whole new way(launching my coaching program) and reading countless books as well as writing my own. I’m not going […]


Ep 22 The 3 Biggest Mindset Shifts I Made This Year


In this episode, I talk to Kristine Fredheim, Psychic Medium, Writer, and creator of the Soul Cards Tarot Deck. We cover learning how to read tarot, tapping into your intuition, how to speak to spirits, what it’s like being a psychic medium, and the process of creating a tarot deck! Kristine also shares manifestation tips, […]


Ep 21 Kristine Fredheim, Learning to Read Tarot, Creating Soul Cards Tarot Deck, and Communicating with Spirits


Your life purpose is more of a path than a destination. Tony Robbins says ‘The quality of your life is determined by the questions that you ask’. So when it comes to figuring out your purpose, I’d urge you to consider these questions. ‘How do I want to grow?’ Personally, spiritually, in your career, mindset, […]


3 Steps To Figure Out Your Life Purpose


April Pfender is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sacred Sound and Quantum Healer and Meditation Instructor in Santa Monica. We met while I was on a trip to LA and I experienced a session in the quantum healing bed. The bed was an incredible experience! You’re lying on a biomat on top of a bunch of […]


Ep 20 April Pfender, Reiki, Quantum Healing


Money is a neutral energy. And it’s just energy. So when you can align your vibration with abundance, you can call in more! Everyone has money stuff. Most of our programming around this we picked up between the ages of 0-7 from our parents. All that programming is still going in our system, and most […]


3 Ways To Raise Your Money Vibes


Put your hand up if you’ve ever said ‘I just need more followers!’. I think we’ve all been there at some point, but it’s not about the number of followers you have it’s about having the RIGHT followers! Here are my top 3 tips for growing your next 5k followers. Know who your ideal client […]


3 Tips to Get Your Next 5K Instagram Followers

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