I remember one time when a friend asked if he could take my photo, and I just kind of stood there. I couldn’t think of a single thing to do, and was racking my brain. Like ummmm you do this for a living? Why can’t you come up with anything to do?! And what do […]


Go To Poses


It’s always fun to get to shoot with another photographer! It’s so important to remember what it’s like being on the other side of the lens! I know every time I get my photo taken it reminds me of how awkward it can feel sometimes. I think the most important thing on a shoot is […]


Your Connection with Your Photographer is Everything!


In this digital day and age, social media marketing is one of the greatest cost-effective ways to get your message out! There’s so much information out there though, how do you know how to begin? Here are the top 3 mistakes I see people making in their marketing. Not having a strong brand identity. If […]


3 Mistakes You’re Making In Your Marketing


Doing less helps make you more productive! How? Stick with me! I am so guilty of working til I am so burnt out and exhausted that I don’t want to look at work any more. Which isn’t ideal if you run your business! We live in a society that glorifies being ‘busy’ all the time […]


How to Get More Done By Doing Less


Mindset is everything! In the world of trying to run a business, I see so many books, courses, and blogs about strategy. Strategy is amazing! Everything you want to learn is out there. But your thoughts and beliefs are the other half of the equation. Your mindset is everything! If you don’t get this part […]


How Your Mindset Effects Everything


Marketing yourself when you’re first starting out can feel intimidating! I get it! I’ve been there, and so has every other photographer who is now a professional. Marketing can sound like this big scary thing, but it doesn’t have to be. I have found that slow and steady wins the race in this one. There […]


My Top 3 Tips for Marketing Yourself As a Photographer


How Automation Will Help You Get Your Life BackĀ  When you started being a photographer you thought it would mean lots of taking photos. I did at least, and I quickly learned that working for yourself can feel totally overwhelming at times. Working as a photographer also meant sitting behind a computer way more than […]


How Automation Will Help You Get Your Life Back


The moon governs the tides and the oceans. We’re made up of water, so it makes sense we are influenced by what she is doing as well. There are 2 distinct phases of the moon(actually there’s 6, but I’m discussing the 2 main ones here). We can use these phases to plan our productivity for […]


Organize Your Productivity By The Moon Phases


Everyone struggles with how to write captions their Instagram posts Once you’ve found the photo, then you have to write something about it?! Not using your captions is a missed opportunity! How are you supposed to come up with something to write?! But here’s the thing, doing something is better than doing nothing at all. […]


3 Tips for Writing Better Captions


Instagram Has Huge Potential As A Marketing Tool Instagram is my biggest lead generator! So many of my clients find me through there, and I love the sense of community and inspiration I get from it. It’s an amazing free resource to market yourself, especially as a service based business. I See People Making The […]


Are You Making These Three Mistakes On Instagram?

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