I’d heard about RTT on a podcast and was interested in it’s ability to remove blocks from your life. As a creative you internalize all these messages about ‘starving artists’ and that you can’t make money from your work. I was interested to tackle some blocks I felt like I had around making money from […]


How to Change Your Life with RTT: Interview with Rachel Crethar


Mindset is everything! In the world of trying to run a business, I see so many books, courses, and blogs about strategy. Strategy is amazing! Everything you want to learn is out there. But your thoughts and beliefs are the other half of the equation. Your mindset is everything! If you don’t get this part […]


How Your Mindset Effects Everything


I recently was interviewed by my friend Nisha for her site Liar the Label. Nisha creates beautiful swimwear out of recycled plastic bottles. Here’s an excerpt from it, and to read the rest of it you can click HERE. Nisha: How did you get into photography?  I never know how to answer this question! As […]


Interview with Liar The Label


We went on a road trip to Jervis Bay and it was beautiful! It’s home to the whitest sand in Australia and maybe the bluest water too. The wind was up most of the time we were there so we didn’t surf, but we ate avo on toast(or bread really, there was no toaster) on […]


Jervis Bay Road Trip

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