This year was a HUGE one for me in terms of personal development and uplevelling my mindset. From trying RTT for the first time (listen to that interview HERE) to pivoting in my business in a whole new way(launching my coaching program) and reading countless books as well as writing my own. I’m not going […]


Ep 22 The 3 Biggest Mindset Shifts I Made This Year


In this episode, I talk to Kristine Fredheim, Psychic Medium, Writer, and creator of the Soul Cards Tarot Deck. We cover learning how to read tarot, tapping into your intuition, how to speak to spirits, what it’s like being a psychic medium, and the process of creating a tarot deck! Kristine also shares manifestation tips, […]


Ep 21 Kristine Fredheim, Learning to Read Tarot, Creating Soul Cards Tarot Deck, and Communicating with Spirits


April Pfender is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sacred Sound and Quantum Healer and Meditation Instructor in Santa Monica. We met while I was on a trip to LA and I experienced a session in the quantum healing bed. The bed was an incredible experience! You’re lying on a biomat on top of a bunch of […]


Ep 20 April Pfender, Reiki, Quantum Healing


Everyone’s heard of the Law of Attraction, but do you know about these 12 additional laws of the universe? Having a deeper understanding of these will help you understand how to manifest better. You’ll learn why you need to take action, and why you probably cannot meditate your way to a million dollars. Instagram: @kim.akriggWebsite: […]


Ep 19 12 Lesser Known Laws of the Universe


I’m talking to Jessica Lee Black on how to improve communication, understand your communication style, and having self-awareness! Men and women communicate quite differently, and it’s important to understand how to navigate this! We also discuss love languages, and how to have difficult conversations. SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES HERE The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman […]


Ep 17 Jessica Lee Black, Navigating Relationships and Communication


Jess Smith from Studio Ninety9 walks us through how to clarify your values, mindset needed for success, growing your Instagram, getting found by your ideal clients and when it’s the right time to hire a coach! We also go over a moon phase analysis for the moon in Leo. SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES HERE Find Jess […]


Ep 16 Jess Smith, How to Grow Your Instagram and Mindset for Success


I interview artist and creator of the Bad Bitch Affirmation Deck on how to find creative inspiration, the importance of creating art you believe in, overcoming self-doubt, and sharing your message with the world! We also discuss getting over your fear of showing up online, what to do when you don’t feel inspired, and how […]


Ep 15 Being A Bad Bitch and Finding Creative Inspiration


In this episode, I talk with Madeline Lebski, owner of Auric Alchemy(a botanical and crystal infused natural perfume line) about running a business on your own terms, taking aligned action instead of hustle, and the importance of creating your own definition of success. We talk about the power of sharing your story on Instagram and […]


Ep. 14 Building A Business on Your Own Terms


If you’re struggling to understand your life purpose or how to move forward, look to the stars. Astrology is an amazing tool for understanding. Utilizing your birth date and time to figure out your blueprint for being here and the work your soul came to do. Lori Haberkorn guides us through where to start, and […]


Ep 13 Finding Your Life Purpose Through Astrology


Fear is something we ALL experience, even more so when we’re going after our dreams! I break down 7 common fears for entrepreneurs, how to blast through them, and how to start telling yourself a better story! LISTEN ON ITUNES HERE Learn to shift your Mindset for Manifesting


Ep 12 7 Common Fears For Entrepreneurs that Stop You From Moving Forward

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