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Mindset magic for boss babes

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 All through high school, I knew the normal path of going to university and getting a job was NOT for me. When I graduated, I got a job in a hair salon, and while on that job I was flipping through the newspaper when I saw an ad for photography classes.

I joined up, and the next year quit my job to pursue a photography career. There was some highlights along the way(like getting to shoot a magazine cover that sold in a nationwide bookstore and getting flown to New Zealand to shoot a wedding), but I kept bumping up against my own limitations mentally.

When I started doing the inner work, I realized that building a business is the ultimate personal development journey. That the key to running your business successfully was empowering your mind, busting through your limiting beliefs(with the tools I’ll give you in the program), and mixing that WITH the strategy and proven steps to build your business.

When you mix manifesting with strategy, MAGIC happens. When you take aligned action, listen to your intuition, and combine the metaphysical and the physical, the whole universe opens up for you!

I see countless other women dealing with the same thing I had to work through. They want to create an impact in the world, but they don’t feel confident or have the knowledge of where to begin. I’ve combined my method of building a business step by step AND manifestation and mindset to create a program to give you all the tools you need to create your business! The woo woo and the work ethic.

In 90 days you’ll have your business blueprint up and running! You were meant for this life!

12 60 minute 1-1 Zoom Calls(each week)

The Call Recordings

A list of action steps to take after each call

Rituals and practices to raise your vibes

90 days of Voxer voice chat support

Me as your personal cheerleader and hype girl!

I'm opening up the phones for a free 30 min call to discuss with you if we're a fit to work together!

I’m opening up the phones for a free 30 minute discovery call to see if you’re a fit for the program!

So you have an email list, what do you do with it?! We’ll go over building your funnel, and how to show up consistently and serve your tribe. We’ll also go over surrendering and detaching in manifesting.

Funnels and Nurturing Your Email List

We’ll discuss how to tap into your intuition and divine guidance to make moves and set up systems to receive payments!

Intuition and Divine Guidance

We’ll go over setting up a social media strategy, Instagram, automation, using Pinterest in your business, and how to speak your truth and get comfortable with visibility.

Social Media Marketing

In this section we’ll go over your free offers, how to start building your email list and why you need one, and cultivate self love and confidence practices.

Freebies and Lead Magnets

Pricing is one of the trickiest things to navigate when you’re starting out! We’ll get clear on your offers and pricing. We’ll also dive into self care practices and getting aligned to call in our desires.

Offers and Pricing

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room! We’ll go over branding, fonts, colours, and designing your logo. We’ll also tap into self worth and feeling worthy of our desires.

Visual Branding

We’ll dive into your story, and writing your website copy. We’ll also do a dive into your shadow to uncover any blocks you may have that will keep you from manifesting your highest potential

Connecting with Your Story

We’ll talk about your passions and mission in life! Who you’re serving and why, and get clear on your money story and what success means to you! We’ll also dive into your natal chart to understand your North Node(and soul purpose)

Clarify Your Vision, Mission, Why

this is what we'll do:

Mindset Magic for Boss Babes is your blueprint to raising your frequency and launching your dream biz!

You are ready to build your business, and you know that success is a mix of the energetic work AND the inspired action! 

My 90 Day 1-1 Coaching Intensive to Empower Your Mindset and Build Your Business Blueprint

introducing mindset magic for boss babes

what's included

Girl I have BEEN THERE.

Are you totally over building someone else’s dream and just getting by with only weekends to look forward to?

But you know you can’t meditate your way to a million dollars.

You know in your heart you’re meant to run your own business.

It’s YOUR time, and the time is NOW! 

You’re on your macbook working out of your favorite cafe, coffee in hand. You open up your emails and you have inquiries from clients who you are so excited to work with. 

Your schedule is the way YOU want it. No more having to get out of bed for a job you don’t even like, you spend your time the way YOU want to.

Your confidence level is on Kanye and you’re lit up from within because you’re working on your passions! You have a blueprint on how to run your business so you KNOW where to spend your time, no more downloading freebies and trying to guess!

Imagine this instead:

Or maybe you’re scrolling through the ‘gram wondering how all these other girls seem to make their businesses work! It looks so easy and effortless and you’re googling how to manifest your first clients still. 

You’re getting home from your 9-5 exhausted, and barely have the energy to make dinner let alone start working on your business. Your marketing strategy is to post to Instagram when you remember and hope that it gets people through the door.

You’ve created your vision board for your ideal empire but you’re still too scared to tell anyone you even WANT to have a business. The idea of trying to charge for your services just totally overwhelms you!

But you’re downloading all the freebies and hoping to just figure it out as you go, and it isn’t really working…

You’re totally ready to be the CEO of your life and live that laptop lifestyle. You have a big heart and you’re ready to serve the world with your gifts!