Who else is ready to generate more sales from Instagram?

Without feeling like a sleazy used car salesman?

How many times have you sat down, coffee in hand, opened Instagram and just been so stuck on what to say?

That little cursor is sitting there blinking, judging. You spend 20 minutes crafting a caption before deleting it all, questioning everything. Is it too vulnerable? Not even related? Just plain boring?

You scroll furiously through your camera roll to look for a shot that doesn’t clash with your last photo you posted.

Do you ever feel like you’re invisible on the app anyways?! You post, and just crickets.

The engagement you were hoping for, hasn’t happened. You refresh the page just one more time to make sure you’re seeing things right.

It’s time to take the mystery out of those little squares!

Imagine this instead: You open up your DM’s and you’ve got ANOTHER inquiry! And they’re a perfect client. You’re so excited you’d pay to work with them!

Loyal, commenting followers who are so excited to see what you have to post next!

Sales driven in an authentic, non-sleazy way because you’ve taken the time to get to know your audience and they are EXCITED for the chance to work with you!

A style that is so unique-ly yours that people could recognize it from a mile away!

Sounds good right?!

The Insta 101 Bundle is your blueprint to growing your Instagram account with a plan.

Walk away knowing exactly how to show up consistently and reach your ideal client!

in 2 years I have gone from starting fresh to being full time in my photography business. It's not about having the most followers, it's about creating connection.

I'm handing over my exact blueprint and strategies I use day to day and how I continue to grow.

Heck yes! Tell me more!

Here's what you'll do inside

Get started now!

Watch the content 

Enjoy your results

Upon enrolling get instant access to your course, you will forever have access to it!

Know your marketing strategy, have a plan, and getting clients because of it!

Binge watch it multiple times or go through each module slowly and implement as you go

The curriculum

• 16 page eBook with a section on each module
• 10 videos
• How to Write your Bio
• Branding Strategy

• Mindset for success
• How to Write Captions
• How to Find Your Ideal Clients
• How to Use Hashtags
• Using IG Stories
• And much more!


+ An Exclusive Lightroom Preset for Desktop and Mobile ($44 Value)
+ My Lightroom Preset Pack to get an amazing feed ($77 value)
+ A Video Tutorial on How To Edit In Lightroom with Presets ($33 Value)
+ The Guide To Shooting with Natural Light to get awesome photos even if you're not a photographer($33 Value)
+ PDF Guide to Installing Lightroom Presets ($11)
+ Building a Visual Brand On Instagram Workshop to build an iconic brand ($77)
+ All new Instagram Ads Training to expand your reach ($55)

Over $550 in Value, all for $197!

All yours for a one time payment of $197

In 10 actionable, fluff free lessons you will have a roadmap to IG success. You will know how to market yourself with IG. You’re going to learn the mindset you need to get results from your strategy. And you’ll learn how to create an action plan that allows you to do this in 20 minutes a day.

I started my side wedding photography account and grew it to 1000 followers in 6 months. With 3 wedding bookings and 10 engagement shoots in that time. I followed these principles exactly. I work with my dream clients and am consistently booked. I so strongly believe the world needs more people chasing their dreams. And those people need marketing strategies to do that! These. Principles. Work. 

Having great content is part of it, but having a marketing strategy is key otherwise you're wasting your time! This breaks down step by step what I do and why.


I've done it and so can you

It's not just about pretty photos

Ready to uplevel?

About Me

I'm Kim and I'm a photographer and Business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs!

I help boss babes get visible, create iconic brands, and get their messages seen on social media to create the change they want to see in the world.

My mission is to serve the people around me by helping them get to their goals because I truly believe the world needs more people chasing their dreams.

Yes! I'm in!

How long will this take? You could binge watch the whole course in a day if you wanted! I recommend watching at least 1 video a day though and reading the same section in the workbook. If you do this you’ll be done in 10 days, in less than 30 minutes a day!

How much is it? A one time investment of $197 and it’s yours to keep forever! The course plus the bonuses is valued at over $550, so this is amazing! 

But I can't afford it right now? Investing in yourself makes you more valuable in the marketplace. If you’re more valuable you get to charge more! And while I don't know your pricing, if you get 1 client would you make your money back? If it's important to you you will find a way, if not you'll find an excuse.

I’ve tried everything on Insta and it feels like nothing works… Well if you have that attitude it won’t! The secret successful people know is that to succeed you decide you are never going to give up. That and keep at it until you get to where you want to be. There is always more to learn.

Who is this for? Service based business owners who want to find their ideal clients on Instagram. Businesses who value connection and community. Entrepreneurs who have a message to share.

Who is it not for? People who don’t want to do the work. People who are only interested in gaining a lot of followers. People who are interested in only the ‘vanity metrics’ of Instagram. People who want a short cut.

Do you offer refunds? No unfortunately I do not!

How do I get started? Once you have paid for your spot, the details will all be sent to your Inbox! Sometimes it makes it’s way into Spam folders, so please check there! If nothing has turned up within 24 hours get in touch and we’ll figure it out!


All for a One time payment of $197