A comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about shooting portraits with natural light

>Learn the EXACT techniques I follow on every shoot
>Instantly start taking better photos by following these guidelines
-Know how to find the best light no matter where you are!

Inside the Guide You’ll Find:

-The exact tips I use to plan what time of day to shoot

-The difference between sunset and sunrise light

-How to shoot in the middle of the day in full sun

-The 2 lighting scenarios I use on every shoot

-How to find the best light to make skin look great

-How to use natural light indoors

-Instantly start taking better photos

-Know exactly what time of day you should be shooting for the best light

-Actionable steps you can start using today

-Know how to work with tricky lighting situations

...all of this is yours for just $7

These are the EXACT guidelines I use on every single shoot

It’s taken me YEARS to learn all these tips, and I’m putting them all in the Guide

About Me

I'm Kim and I'm a branding and lifestyle photographer for female entrepreneurs. I also teach everything I know about photography and running a business to photographers!

I give short, actionable content that is easy to start using straightaway. No fluff here!

My mission is to serve the people around me by helping them get to their goals because I truly believe the world needs more people chasing their dreams.

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