but you don't want to spend forever doing it, or doing the same thing over and over to have it not work

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I'm here to guide you to uncover your answers you hold within, and hold the space for you to rediscover yourself

You want to create lasting change in yourself so you can be free of your patterns holding you back

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I spent ages working on the same issues feeling like I wasn't making progress. I never felt worthy of the success I desired, and my confidence felt non-existent. I dated the same unavailable people over and over again. 

I struggled with an eating disorder and overexercising and felt so much shame. if I didn't train I'd beat myself up about it and spend the whole day feeling guilty. I'd restrict my food in an attempt to regain control.

I underpriced my work and constantly second guessed myself. I let clients walk all over me.

does this sound like you?

when I discovered RTT everything changed for me. I gained confidence in myself I had never felt before. I lost weight without even trying. My skin improved. My business did better than it ever had before. friends actually commented on how different I seemed. My social anxiety disappeared. And the best bit was that it didn't take years to create lasting change.

You have big dreams but you constantly self sabotage, because deep down you never feel like you're good enough?

You struggle with charging clients the right amount because you're scared they'll say no, or laugh at you so you underprice yourself

You over exercise and feel so much guilt if you eat the wrong thing or miss a day of training

You have dreams of starting your own business but you're so scared of judgement you don't even want to tell anyone about it

you never speak up in meetings because you don't want to say the wrong thing

I know the feeling because I have been there.

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what is RTT exactly?

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