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" Wow! I was very impressed with the organization of Kim’s Guide to shoot workflow. I currently have a routine before and after shoots but reading the way she broke everything down really helped me identify parts within my workflow I was lacking. Her preparation before and after a shoot is a must read for anyone looking to truly take dive into photography full time. It’s easy for us to invest in presets, equipments and superficial things that gives our work the appearance of a shine; however this guide is one investment I believe could really bring your A game. Probably the best 27 bucks you could ever spend."

-Fredrica G

Who else wants to get their life back? picture you having an efficient workflow to your business so you always felt on top of things?

What if you had a list of checklists and felt organized every step of the way? Think about how happy Your clients would be if they knew exactly what to expect and you had amazing communication?


Having a solid workflow and systems in place mean you Feel organised, Are paid on time, and communicate well with your clients.

No more losing sleep over whether you remembered to send those final details, or sifting through emails trying to remember if you invoiced someone a month ago!

Before I realized how important it was to nail your workflow and automate as much as possible, I felt like it took So. Long. To. Do. Everything. 

Over the past 10 years I have locked in a solid workflow and automated everything so I feel Organised, get paid on time, and manage client communication all in one place. And now you can too!

What's included in the guide:
-My Exact Shoot workflow before, day of, and after
-client onboarding
-Tips on setting expectations
-editing and culling process
-How I back up and organize photos
-How I automate my workflow
-3 checklists
-my engagement session questionnaire
-the Programs I use to Automate Emails and Invoices
-a list of all software I use
-And more!

I want to learn!


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