The more you prepare for your shoot the more you can get out of it! Here’s the checklist I use to make sure my client and I are prepared for the branding shoot. We’re not just getting nice photos for Instagram, there has to be a strategy behind what we capture! Branding photos are to […]


Checklist For Planning Your Branding Shoot


It’s always fun to get to shoot with another photographer! It’s so important to remember what it’s like being on the other side of the lens! I know every time I get my photo taken it reminds me of how awkward it can feel sometimes. I think the most important thing on a shoot is […]


Your Connection with Your Photographer is Everything!


When you get an enquiry in your inbox and she tells you her star sign and her book list and you just KNOW you’re going to hit it off! Getting to photograph Nim DeSwardt at Karma Collab Hub was a blast! Getting to hear my client’s stories and what they love is one of the […]


How To Choose A Branding Photographer


Jaymee is studying to be a Personal Trainer and hired me to create social media content for her. Lifestyle images are a great way to build visual assets for your brand that help your audience connect with you. We wanted to create a natural candid feel to the photos we created, so we shot these […]


Why You Need Branding Photos


Posing for your Branding Photoshoot How to Get Natural Feeling Posing My aim in branding and lifestyle photoshoots is to get images that represent you. Not only your business but also your personality and things you would normally do with your posing. I always try and start people off in a pose doing something that […]


Posing How-To’s for an Awesome Branding Photoshoot


Why You Need to do a Branding Shoot! Branding photos are such an essential part of communicating who you are and what you do! From your website to social media, it helps clients so much to be able to picture who you are and what working with you looks like. Everyone has an iPhone these […]


Behind the Scenes of Branding Shoot


Starting up a personal brand is exciting! But the thing that makes a personal brand is the person behind it. A branding photographer can help you get this message across! When scrolling through Instagram or hopping on your website people want to know the person behind the brand: you! We like to envision who we […]


Branding Photography: How to Uplevel Your Brand Instantly

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