Picture this: Having a content strategy that will connect you with your audience and make you instantly recognisable. Knowing how to create visuals for your Instagram that connect your audience with your message, and take you from 'who's that?' to 'love her!'

You know you need to be on Instagram to connect to your potential clients and share your message. But you struggle with getting filters right, posting consistently, or even knowing what to share.

Your message is important but the visuals just aren't quite landing. Photography and editing just seems so confusing. You keep trying different filters and none of them seem quite right! You want to feel authentic in your message. You also don't want to spend 3 hours a day on the app!

Take the mystery out of those little squares! In this workshop I'll give you the tools to clarify your brand messaging, find a flow with your feed, plan your content strategy, and learn the basics of taking better iPhone photos.

You'll walk away with photography tips, knowing how to plan your brand visuals, clarify your brand message, strategies to be consistent, and how to get to all flow together.

I've been a photographer for the past 10 years and have built an engaged, profitable audience on Instagram by having a clear brand message and visual feel.

Let me share what I know with you about creating visual flow and combining it with your message to build your visual brand!

2 hours to get clear on your brand, your message, photography tips, how to create batch content, and planning your grid. Cause sometimes you want help and you want it now! #quickwin

Building a Visual
brand On Instagram

A 2 hour workshop style course that will help you clarify your brand, your message, and how your visual branding on Instagram.

You're done spending hours trying to choose what preset to use. You spent ages trying to get a selfie, then gave up. you know the visual side of IG is important, but you can't quite seem to get yours together.

Introducing: Building a visual brand on Instagram

2 Hour Workshop
 One time payment of $44

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