In that time I discovered that the inner work is really the work! I spent so long learning strategy, but my career really took off when I started working on my mindset. I had to rewrite the stories I had written for myself, and ditch the limiting beliefs.

I’m an amazing coach because I have been there. Been scared to launch my business, scared to post about it on IG, afraid to tell people my prices, and just lacking the confidence you need to make the big moves. I understand every step of the journey!

Traveling the world, building my crystal collection, astrology, plant based living, and spending time on the beach are my favorite things in the world! I love spending my time with friends and you’ll usually find me with my nose in a book(or on audible, let’s be real).

I’m obsessed with helping women to succeed in running their businesses because I truly believe the world needs more people who LOVE what they do. Who are lit up and on a mission, because this is how we create positive change in the world! When women succeed, they make sure everyone is taken care of.

I know there’s a lot of mindset coaches out there. But I also know that running a successful biz is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. I have had to do so much growing on my path through life, from healing myself of an eating disorder and social anxiety, to all the limiting beliefs I had to overcome to run my photography business full time in a completely different country where I didn’t know anyone. I’ve been in your exact position, and I KNOW the tools to move you forward! It took me years to get here, and it doesn’t have to take you as long!

Whether you just listen along to my podcast, or consume my free IGTV content, or you invest in the programs I have or 1 on 1 coaching, I want you to leave with valuable information that will help you shift your mindset and launch your biz with success! We all deserve to have everything we desire.

For so long I thought you had to do it alone. Now I’ve realized there is NO such thing as self made. The community of people you’ll find when we work together is incredible, it’s like getting a whole new tribe of biz besties who are here to support you and totally get you! You DO NOT have to do this by yourself, I am here to back you 100%!

Hi! I’m Kim Akrigg. I’m a mindset and manifestation coach for boss babes who are ready to create massive impact. 

I have been obsessed with entrepreneurship since the 2nd grade when I started my first business in the schoolyard, selling homemade flower perfume made from rose petals and water. I always knew I didn’t want a normal job. At the age of 20 I moved from Vancouver to Toronto to pursue my career as a fashion photographer. I

 manifested shooting my first magazine cover shoot, and it was a dream come true! Then I got hired to shoot a wedding in New Zealand. I stopped in Australia along the way and just ended up staying. In that time I landed my first agent, got to shoot a launch party for one of my favorite clothing brands, and got diplomas in Small Business Management and Marketing.

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