A few random facts: 
When I was little, the teacher asked us what we wanted to do when we grew up and I said ‘move to Ireland’. I’ve always wanted to live abroad. She told me to be realistic. I ended up moving to Australia instead.

I’m an Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Rising, and Aries Moon with a Capricorn Stellium. I was born to do this work!

My why is to inspire everyone to go after their dreams. The world needs more people who have come alive.

I’m vegan, I love coffee, my happy place is the beach, and I have a crystal obsession.

Along the way I made myself pretty sick from the hustle. I had some big wins (like manifesting shooting a magazine cover), but I questioned whether I was made for this. Then the universe stepped in and I got hired to shoot a wedding in New Zealand. I made a stop to Australia along the way and just never left.

I stopped taking photos at some point. But then again the universe stepped in and I picked it up again. I realised that unless I knew the skills to run a business and get my mindset right, I’d never make a success out of this.

I started trying everything. Meditation, hypnosis, crystals, mantras, figuring out my life purpose through Astrology, you name it. But then something amazing happened. IT WORKED. I started landing more and more dream clients. My business grew. Clients I could only ever DREAM of landing were emailing me. I was living my vision board!

Now I teach other entrepreneurs to do the same. Success is an inside job. The inner work is the work!

Hi! I’m Kim Akrigg. I teach ambitious entrepreneurs how to combine mindset and spirituality to manifest the business of their dreams. This obsession has led to my work as an author, educator, and podcast show host.

I have been obsessed with entrepreneurship since the 2nd grade when I started my first business in the schoolyard, selling homemade flower perfume made from rose petals and water. I always knew I didn’t want a normal job. At the age of 19 I quit my job to become a photographer and moved across the country in search of bigger opportunities.

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'Those who know me know I detest photos of myself. Kim made me feel very comfortable in my own skin and that's saying a lot, believe me.' -Libby